Nov 02 2020

New Premier Connection: Tallysoft 

Tallysoft joins Locally as one of the latest automatic POS connections to sync with Locally

By Tom Whelan   Retailer Activation Manager

Tallysoft has become the latest addition to the list of Locally Premier Connections. Retailers using Tallysoft as their point of sale system can now quickly and easily sync their in-stock inventory with Locally, immediately boosting their listings on store locators and posting their product availability across hundreds of brand's websites.

Retailers have the option of customizing how frequently their feed updates, which stores and brands they'd like to include in their feed, and whether or not they would like to have in-store prices displayed.


To get started head over to and follow the instructions. Please email with any questions you may have along the way.

If you're not using Tallysoft but are interested in learning more, head over to and schedule a demo.


Learn more over at

About Tom Whelan

Tom has been with Locally since early 2017 and heads up the retailer activation team. Bringing value to shoppers and brand clients alike, Tom strategizes effective ways to ensure that key retail partners are taking advantage of Locally's premium tools installed on hundreds of brand websites.   View all posts by Tom

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